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DrugSense OraScan Drug Analyser

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The DrugSense OraScan Drug Analyser ensures accurate interpretation of drug test results by eliminating common user errors (such as using expired test cassettes) and interpretation mistakes (such as oversight of the control line or mistakes in interpreting positive and negative results).
With advanced features such as custom fields, built-in printer and data upload via USB, WiFi, or 3G, the OraScan is a crucial device for any application that requires accurate drug testing and record keeping with no room for error.
How the OraScan Works
  1. Switch on the OraScan and log in with your password
  2. Press the TEST icon and then enter the details of the test subject (name, department, etc)
  3. Scan the cassette's barcode using the OraScan
  4. Collect saliva sample using the collection sponge and insert into the cassette when red indication bar appears
  5. Insert the cassette into the OraScan for detailed analysis
  6. The OraScan will interpret the test and store the photo and results of the test in clear plain text

(full instructions in user manual)


Error-Free Drug Test Reporting
The DrugSense OraScan eliminates all the guesswork from oral drug screening by removing common interpretation mistakes such as oversight of the control line, confusion in interpreting faded test lines, and mistakes in interpreting positive and negative results. Using highly detailed scanning technology, the OraScan accurately interprets drug test results and displays them to the user in clear, plain text:
-     No Drug Detected    for negative tests
 Detected With Drugs   for positive tests
X    Invalid Test    for invalid tests
Ensure Accurate Test Results Every Time
A common mistake made during drug testing is using an expired drug test, which leads to invalid and inaccurate results. The DrugSense OraScan Drug Analyser ensures that this never happens by stopping a test from proceeding to the next step if the test cassette is found to be expired.
User-Friendly Drug Testing Device
The OraScan's large 4.3” touch screen and clear on-screen instructions makes navigating and using the OraScan easy for any user. The operator is guided through each step with full instructions so that there is no room for error.
Custom Data Input
Enter specific details such as the type of test, the subject's gender, date of birth, and name, and the operator's name and department. Details that are filled in will be included in the test result print-out and in the device for comprehensive record keeping.
Fields can be customised, added, or removed in the advanced settings (admin access only) to suit your organisations' requirements.
Secure Access
The OraScan is password-protected as soon as it's switched on, restricting access to the device and its test records to authorised personnel only.
Multiple Users
Create multiple users with individual logins and passwords to allow operators their own secure access to the device when they use it for drug testing.
2D Barcode Scanner
Each OraScan drug test cassette has a unique 2D barcode (QR code) that provides full details of their cassette number, expiry date, and drug cut-off levels. Simply scan the cassette's barcode with the OraScan to check its complete details. This provides supervisors or collectors with an instant, automatic method of record keeping for every test used.
The OraScan drug analyser is also GPS-enabled, providing location insight for tests taken during offsite drug testing. When enabled, the device will display, store, and print out the longitude and latitude of the test in each record.
Comprehensive Record Keeping
Test records are easily accessible from the device, showing not only the test information, but also those of the drug test cassette used (such as its serial number) for detailed record keeping.
The OraScan stores up to 100,000 test records in its inbuilt memory, including the images of each test cassette results as photographic evidence for future reference.
Built-In Thermal Printer
The OraScans built-in thermal printer allows you to print out records after each test. In advanced settings, you can also set up to 3 headers and 3 footnotes to include in every result printout.
Wireless Data Upload
Upload records via USB to your computer, or wirelessly using WiFi or 3G (requires a sim card).
Convenient Drug Testing
Comes with rechargeable battery and carry case for portability and convenience.

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