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Workplace Breathalysers > AL4000 Button Operated Fuel Cell Breathalyser - AS3547 Certified
AL4000 Button Operated Fuel Cell Breathalyser - AS3547 Certified

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Price: $2,950.00
Prod. Code: AL4000B

The AlcoSense Soberpoint AL4000PB Wallmount is a commercial quality mountable breathalyser that gives industry a tool to help them manage drinking in a easy and cost-effective way.  This high quality system utilizes a fuel cell breath testing sensor, the same type of sensor used in police breath testing equipment.  The AL4000PB is designed for use in places where mandatory screening may be required to start a days work such as on mining or construction sites.


  • Wall mount vending machine style
  • Push Button Operation
  • Standard drinking straws dispensed

  • Replaceable sensor module, can be done easily by staff
  • 700 - 1,000 breath tests before sensor replacement needed

  • Breath test counter keeps track of how many times each new sensor has been used so you know when it needs replacing

  • Modern and robust design
  • Ideal for bar mining or construsction sites
  • Promotes safe drinking
  • Reduces liability while creating a safe work environment
  • Accurate Fuel Cell Technology
  • Australian Standard Pending




Indication of BAC 0.000 to 0.500%
Display 2 Lines LCD
Warm up Time Within 30 Seconds
Response Time Within 6 seconds at 0.10%
Use Mouthpiece Disposable Straw
Sensor Fuel Cell
Result Reading Good:  Less than 0.02%
  Warning: 0.02-0.05%
  Danger: More than 0.05%
Power Supply AC 240v, 50/60HZ, 0.5A
  DC 12V, 1.5A
Coin Mechanism Specify Denomination of Coin
Weight 5.85kg
Dimensions (mm) 90 x 412 x 258
Ambient Conditions 0-50 Celcius
Accuracy 0.000% BAC to 0.100% BAC


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