Rent A Breathalyser


Need a Breathalyer to test a large group quickly and accurately but don't plan to use it the whole year round? Breathcheck has you covered!

Introducing our New Breathalyser Rental Service! Customers will now be able to rent a breathalyser for up to 14 days for events such as School Formals, Corporate Events, Parties, Camps etc.

In order to meet the criteria of Fast and Accurate, you need to have something like the AlcoSense Prodigy.

Standard Rental for an AlcoSense Prodigy is $150.00 per event (Up to 14 days), plus additional mouthpieces can also be supplied at $60.00 per 100, this investment includes delivery to you.

Call 08 9463 3243 to enquire or Email us to rent a breathalyser



AlcoSense Prodigy

Rental Price: $150.00


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