Personal Breathalysers

AlcoSense Wingmate Analog Semi-Disposable Breathalyser

Small, light, convenient and easy to use. This mini gadget slips into your pocket so you can keep it with you while you’re out. No mouthpieces required - just switch it on, blow across the sensor and keep your options open.

Orig.: $59.00
Sale: $49.00

AlcoSense Wingmate Pro Personal Breathalyser

The Wingmate Pro breathalyser offers quick and accurate BAC results so you can test yourself anywhere, anytime.
Equipped with a smart fuel cell sensor, lightweight and compact design, and dual colour backlight with clear display and warnings, the  Wingmate Pro will be your favourite companion on a night out.


AlcoSense Wingmate Rover Personal Breathalyser
The Wingmate Rover breathalyser’s smart fuel cell sensor and dual colour backlight provides accurate and clear BAC results anytime, day or night. With audible alerts, red backlight for warnings, and a compact and lightweight design, the Wingmate Rover is a reliable and convenient personal breath tester for all users.

Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $179.00

AlcoSense Verity AS3547 Certified

Provides accurate readings and features a built-in hidden mouthpiece for personal breath testing. Compact and easy to use, the Verity is the perfect personal breathalyser for all users young and old.

Orig.: $269.00
Sale: $249.00

REDLINE Disposable Personal-Use Breathalyser 10 Pack

REDLINE are the only DISPOSABLE personal-use breath alcohol testing device which are a Certified Product in accordance with accuracy & reliability requirements of AS 3547-1997. REDLINE quickly and easily provide a non-evidential indication of a minimum presence of 0.02BAC, and against a measure of 0.05BAC.


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